I ordered a harness for Loki primarily as a doggy seat belt for car rides. Unfortunately, he hates it with a passion! He can be aggressive when we try to put it on. Then, when he finally does have it on, he is depressed. He lies down and refuses to move. If he does move, its with his tail between his legs. We kept the harness on for awhile, hoping that he would just get used to it.

I hand fed Loki his breakfast this morning, because he was too depressed to eat. Funny enough, I took advantage of the situation and started teaching him a new trick - crawl. It was the perfect new trick for him, because he wanted to lie down & not get up at all (even sit was near impossible). I'm not sure that he "gets" the new trick yet. But I was able to get him to crawl without a food lure & only use my hand gesture as a cue.

After breakfast I took him for a quick walk with the new harness. Lastly, we went for a photo-op in the car. Doesn't he look good in blue?

I bought the harness & car restraint from Champion Canine Designs. The product is very well made and of good quality materials. I would recommend it based on the product itself. However, I found the customer service to be severely lacking. It took me a few weeks between the time I ordered it to the time I actually received the product. I emailed them with no response & I called only to be told that the voice mail box was full. Nevertheless, even though I never heard back from them, I did finally receive the product.


ilovepearly said...

I guess with time he will get use to it.

2shibas said...

I wonder why he hates it so much? Our shibas don't do well w/ change (even bringing out XMas decorations makes them bark and howl incessantly). Maybe he's just scared of it because he's never seen it before...hopefully he'll get used to it. Good luck - let us know how it turns out!

Frannie (Wiley & Fievel)

Bonnie said...

Even though Loki may not like the harness, work on it. Take him for walks in it, praise him big time.

Sushi has a seatbelt vest harness which has saved his life in a car accident. Good for you for buying one for your Loki!!

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