Loki jumping

Hm... maybe Loki would be good at agility. Or at the very least, I think he'd have lots of fun with it. We did not encourage him to jump when he was younger, since jumping is bad for growing puppy joints. But now he is over a year old. Here we have a video of him clearing a major obstacle (me) with no problems!


2shibas said...

Shibas are so sporty!!! Don't you love it? I think they were meant for agility!

Winnie said...

He does that with great ease! :)

Loki's filling out, too! He's so handsome.

duo_disaster said...

Hello from Singapore!

Yes, I have to agree with 2shibas that they are meant for agility!

P/S: Have added you into our dlogger list! Do pop by whenever you are free!

Woofs from SG
Rudolf the Shiba Inu

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