Update on the New Toy

Thank you to the anonymous commenter who suggested more kibble. I filled it to about a 1/3 full yesterday, and Loki had a much easier time getting it out. It's now enough of a challenge that it keeps him occupied. And from time to time, he can actually get some food out, so he isn't discouraged. Yay!

Oh... I just checked up on the toy and the kibble is almost all gone. Hm... not sure why I bothered being worried that he would be discouraged. Silly me.

I bought it at Target, sort of as an impulse buy. It was an impulse buy because I wasn't planning on buying it. But it wasn't, because I've had my eye on that toy for awhile now. You can find it on Amazon.com and other various websites and pet stores.

It's so cute to watch him play with it. Who needs TV when you can be entertained by a Shiba?

1 comment:

Winnie said...

Yay, Loki! Glad to hear that it's keeping you occupied!

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