Since when does Loki not like water? What? Loki used to love playing in the sprinklers, puddles, & the rain that dropped on his head. He loved it.

Today it was rain-y. (Notice I didn't say raining, for that is indeed a rare occurrence in Southern California.) First, I had a bit of trouble trying to get Loki to cross an ugly stream of rainwater. In the end, I herded him. I've learned that herding him from behind works much better than pulling him on the leash.

Then I put him in the car for a very short drive (only one side of the apt complex to the other). When we reached our destination, he didn't want to leave the car. I picked him up and put him on the ground only to see him jump right back into the car. Huh? I don't get it? I know he likes car rides, but he doesn't love it that much. Once I got him out of the car, it was a sprint all the way back to our apartment. Back in the apartment, I witness a quick Shiba 500 (only 2 laps) followed by a frantic cleaning of the paws. Finally, he's happy.

Here's my conjecture. Maybe as a puppy, he really did love playing in the water, just like we all enjoyed splashing in the puddles as children. But now he's grown up and rain just means that he gets dirty. Similarly, we as adults get irritated when our clothes get dirty in the rain. I don't know if this is what's going on, but that's my anthropomorphic theory.


Winnie said...

Loki is too funny!

Winnie hasn't started this, she still tolerates rain. She walks around puddles and on hikes, still enjoys crossing streams. hmmm... I wonder if it will last?

Chibi And Sumo said...

chibi has always hated the water. baths = hate it, rain = hate it (when raining then pee/pooping, i have to walk along the side of the eaves so the paws dont get wet), sprinklers = hate it. she will not get withing 15 feet of the pool. sumo (so far), hasnt shown any distaste for water, we'll see this spring/summer, when we start using the pool :P

2shibas said...

You're so funny. What you're saying does make sense though...especially since shibas are so clean. Fievel has NEVER liked water, rain, puddles, etc. It doesn't really faze Wiley unless it's POURING (which it does in the north east!). Shibas are just so finnicky. I don't know if we'll ever figure them out!

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