Calling DC area pups

It's come to my attention that the Shiba Inu Meetup group here in DC has lost its organizer, and the group will deleted in a couple weeks if another organizer doesn't step up. I have only ever been to one meetup, and that was back in the fall. But now I'm considering being the organizer.

The difficulty is that I haven't been much of a participant in the previous meetups. So, I don't even know anyone! It would be easier if I had at least one other person to possibly be a co-organizer with. It does cost a small amount of money to be the organizer and it requires lots of time.

The perks of being the organizer is having control over the events. I already have tons of ideas -- day hikes, doggie happy hour, dinner with dogs, dog parks, boat rides with dogs. For the more ambitious, I think it'd be fun to travel out to a winery here that allows dogs. It's called Barrel Oak Winery (BOW... as in Bow wow... get it? get it?). Clearly, I'm partial to Virginia, but we could expand some events out to DC and Maryland.

So are there any DC area pups out there reading this blog? If you are in the DC area, would you be interested in a revived Shiba Inu Meetup?

Or if you run a meetup in your area, please share your ideas.


Masako said...


I love being an assistant organizer at our Shiba meetups. We've had very traditional meetups at dog parks and dog beaches - and I sometimes do it around holidays and create treat bags for the dogs. It's a lot of fun to come up with ideas - the inner Martha Stewart kinda takes over me.

Our agility center also hosts puppy parties with the agility equipment - which can be fun for the Shibas to try out. (We keep talking about doing this, but haven't done it yet.)

And then, we've also joined in on local Shiba picnics and Shiba shows.

When I started out as an assistant - I didn't know many people either. (I had only gone to 2 meetups prior.) But, it's a great way to meet people - and Shiba folks have been awesome!

I would post something on the current message board and state that you're interested in helping out - but would appreciate it if there are others who want to share the duties and costs. You may get a few volunteers ~ that's how we started out.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If you are now the organizer, you have the ability to email all the members and ask if anyone wants to be the assistant meetup organizer.

You can also post your request on the Meetup Message board.

What is the name of your meetup? Perhaps I can look at the website and come up with some suggestions.

We just transferred organizer responsibilities in our group. You may want to figure out a way to rotate responsibilities among members.

Also, you can ask members for donations at meetups.

Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup

Anonymous said...

I have a 6 month old male Shiba Inu named Aki and I live in Arlington, VA. I would definitely be interested in attending meetings. Can you post more info?

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