Shiba Meet Up

It's official! The first shiba meetup I organized was a big success! We had a ton of shibas there. The weather was perfect: No rain. Not too hot. Not too cold. The shibas took over the small dog area. There were like 20 of them! Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. I didn't count.

I absolutely adore this picture.
And in the picture below is Jujube. She doesn't normally play with dogs much, as she prefers human attention, but during the meetup she got into a few of the chases. It's so fun to watch a group of dogs chase each other around the park. This was the first time we took her to a dog park. She was super easy to leash back up as she stayed closed to us much of the time.
We decided to keep Loki at home and take just Jujube. The last time Loki was at the dog park was back in the early fall. And while he was fine back then, he hasn't been regularly socialized at the dog park since. I haven't had the time like I used to when I was a student. Now, I work full-time. So I was afraid that Loki would get into a dog fight. Yun disagreed with me & was sad that we didn't bring Loki. He thought Loki would be just fine. But I wasn't confident that Loki wouldn't get into a dog fight. Ideally, I should socialize Loki more by bringing him to the dog park when there aren't too many dogs there. And our behaviorist recommended that when I do this, I take just Loki, so that all my attention is focus on one dog rather than two. Still, I'm not sure I have the time for it. For the future, I'll schedule some on-leash meetups, like hikes or doggy happy hour, so I'll be able to bring both dogs.

During the meetup, we did have a couple tense moments. I wouldn't call it a fight, but there was definitely a lot of noise. Shibas are good at making lots of noise, like barking and screaming. One of our tense moments was caused by a chihuahua. And it was a vicious chihuhua. It was biting one shiba lots, but that shiba just took it rather than fight back. Then the owner came to scoop up her fur baby chihuhua. I am always amazed by how chihuahuas get away with bad behavior.


Anonymous said...

It really is a nice picture and all dogs are gettin along .. except the vicious chihuahua. It seems the chihuahua need behavioral training. Hope Loki will get to go next time.

Anonymous said...

Chihuahuas can be little pissants at dog parks. So can Dachshunds and Boston Terriers.

Just a word of advice--as you schedule your Shiba meetups, make sure that they don't overlap with Boston terriers or Dachshunds in the same area. (You can probably check other meetup schedules by breed/date of meetup.)

As the saying goes, probably not "good chemistry" for these breeds to be co-mingled en masse.

When we schedule our Shiba meetups, we check other breed meetups so that they are not sharing the same space, time together.

The Shiba said...

JuJube's Tail is extremely curly!

Vi said...

Anon -- Thanks for the advice about checking other breed meetups when scheduling shiba meetups at dog parks! I never thought about that before.

The Shiba -- Yes, Jujube's tail is VERY curly. That's one way I can quickly tell my two apart -- just look at their tails!

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