In better dog training news

I hope I don't jinx myself for posting this...

In better dog training news, Jujube has gone a whole month without a potty accident. Yay! I wrote previously about our difficulties in potty training her in this post and that post. She had come to us from her breeder, who said that she was house trained. When she first arrived, she whined incessantly at the door. It drove us nuts! So we mostly ignored it, because it was super annoying. Unfortunately, she whined to let her people know that she wanted to go out. So, we sort of trained that out of her when we ignored her whines. Really, it was insanely annoying. But also, when she lived at the breeder's, there was always someone at home to let her out. Here, we are not always home. To some extent, she had to learn to live on our schedule, and not have the freedom of going anytime she wanted to.

Now, we have a pretty set schedule that we are all happy with. And if necessary, she sits by the door to let us know that she has to go out.

Yes, I know it took awhile, but maybe we've finally succeeded. Though I hope I'm not speaking too soon.


Jen said...

Congrats! That is something to be proud of for sure!

It took us 5 solid months to potty train a female shiba (intact) that was pulled from a bad breeder. Sometimes, it just takes that long with an adult! And Jujube might still have an accident here or there - thats life, but I hope she doesn't!

Pete Dowan said...

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