What I Love About My Shiba

One of today's Dogster threads was "What I love about my shiba." I thought it was a really wonderful and heartwarming thread. And so, I figured I might as well share what I love about my shibas here.

I love his airplane ears. He has the best airplane ears. They flap up and down when greets me.

I love it when he talks. Usually, it’s an expression of his discontent, but I think it’s adorable.

I love how he thinks inanimate animals are real. When we went to Penn State, he thought the Nittany Lion statue was real. He approached it very cautiously. First, he stuck his nose out to sniff it. Then he darted backwards just in case it was dangerous. Repeat a few times. Then he would bark at it and even offer a play bow. But alas, the statue didn’t respond to his play bow.

I love how he’s a great guard dog. It all begins with, “Huff. Huff. Huff,” which soon escalates to, “Bark. Bark. Bark.” And lastly, if it’s really serious, he’ll start howling, “Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!”

I love it when she grabs a toy before she greets me. Her ears flap, her tail wags, and her mouth clamps down on the nearest toy.

I love how she always stays close to me. She follows me around and keeps me company.

I love how easy she is and how I never have to worry about her being aggressive.

I love how her good nature has changed my overall impression of shibas.

I love how she is fearless and determined. If she has set out to kill a fly, it will die. Her prey drive is extrodinary.

I love how quick and predictable she is in going to the bathroom in our yard. She always goes in the same spot. And it's almost always the first thing she does when she goes into the yard. No dilly dallying for her.


Jenny said...

The way you feel about Jujube is the way I feel about Pong. She has more of a set schedule, predictable, and loves people.

Xarien said...

One thing you left out about Loki is that he's unpredictably cute, meaning that he'll always do something or be in a position that's very random, but always adorable.

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