Returning home

When you have dogs, you always have something to look forward to upon returning home from vacation. Now that we are back, Loki can resume his regularly scheduled peaceful sleeping.

I was very anxious about my dogs, especially the first day of vacation. I called our pet sitter as soon as we landed in Hawaii to ask if everything was okay. Of course it was. I originally thought I'd end up calling her everyday, but it turned out that I only called her that one time.

As a testament to my anxiety, I did dream about them during vacation. I dreamed that when I returned home from vacation, both of my red shibas turned into black and tan shibas. I didn't know dogs could change colors, but apparently they can in my dreams.


Mongoose said...

LOL This came up on my reader and at first glance I mistook the photo for my dog... I couldn't remember when I'd have posted that to my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! Very Shiba =)

Kami & Kuma said...

Hey Vi,

I have an unrelated comment. You sent a message to me on the Ottawa Dog Blog concerning a post about our Shiba Kami and the related meetup group that we have in Ottawa. We also have a second Shiba now, typically named Kuma (a B & T male). Anyhow, you asked me where I got the stylish bed in one of the photos and the answer is at Petsmart on sale from 120 down to 60 bucks. It was the last one, but regular stock. If you want to chat drop me a line on our facebook meetup group entitled, "Ottawa Shiba Meetup". I find your site entertaining and informative, and I can see that you are passionate about your dogs and put a fair amount of effort into maintaining and updating the site. I have a link to your group on our site. Anyhow, keep up the good work.


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