Shiba Meetup at the Dog Park

We had a shiba meetup this past weekend at Shirlington Dog Park. This place always seems to generate the best turnouts for our meetups. I don't know how many dogs showed up, but we had 15 people with an RSVP of yes. We had many reds and sesames. Only a couple black and tans. And no creams.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out who's who in these pictures.

At least I can identify my own dog. Here's Jujube soaking up attention from the people. She's more of a people dog. Sometimes she participates in the dog chasing, but most of the time, she seeks the attention of humans. The funny thing is that petting is always on her terms. She'll demand attention from some people, and ignore others who call for her to come.

Shiba meetups are great places for people who are considering the breed. You can see their behavior in person and ask owners questions. It's striking to see how different shibas can be. Surely, you can read about common characteristics of shibas online or in books, but each dog is unique. And in a meetup you can see both their commonalities and their unique traits.

At our meetup, I saw the shiba that loved to be chased. The shibas that loved to chase. The shibas that love to wrestle. The shibas that are mellow. The shibas that stick to people. The shibas who ignore people. The shibas that are anxious and the shibas that are fearless.


Mongoose said...

Cream is a disqualification, so there shouldn't be any creams. (I'm a huge breed standard snob.)

Mongoose said...

Since I'm here, that reminds me I wanted to mention about Jujube's skin problems, if they're not resolved yet, try adding more fat in her diet. My shiba had such dry skin she'd scratch herself raw, until I started fixing her food myself. With the higher fat content, her coat is soft and healthy and she doesn't get dry skin anymore.

Masako said...

Vi, I'm so glad you head up your meetup group. Isn't it rewarding! I love it... I now have branched out and have co-administrators all around the greater L.A. and Orange County areas. Love the photos!

Vi said...

Mongoose --
Yes, you won't see any creams in the show ring, but this group is very inclusive and welcoming. We welcome all colors, sizes, and mixes. We also welcome those without shibas who happen to be interested in shibas.

We feed Juju and Loki a dietary supplement called "The Missing Link." It's a fabulous fat-containing powder. Thanks for the suggestion!

Her skin does appear to be getting better on its own. (Not 100% better, but improving nonetheless.) We suspect that it may be a seasonal thing.

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