Jujube vs. The Snow

When we got Jujube from the breeder, the breeder asked me, "Does it snow where you are? She loves the snow." The breeder wasn't kidding! Jujube loves the snow. She absolutely adores it.

Here's Jujube making her way through our backyard. Why she ventured out there? I don't know. She's happy to pee and poop in the foreground area, the area under the deck where there is little snow accumulation; so she's not going out there for that purpose. Maybe she's thinking that if the snow keeps up, then she'll be able to make her escape and jump over the fence.

We have about two feet of snow now and it's still snowing. The snow is taller than she is! But that doesn't deter her from trekking through it. Shiba Inus are Japanese mountain dogs. I guess this is what they do best.

Jujube conquers the snow.


Priscilla said...

Aww. too cute :)
Lucky jujube!

Anonymous said...

Brrr. Makes us feel cold just watching. My shiba girl actually didn't like the snow. Strange. Makes us feel spoiled complaining of 50F weather in the West coast.
Hope you guys stay dry and safe.

Julee Turner said...

She is too funny! Our shiba loves the snow too! We don't get a lot of it in Arkansas but when we do, we can't get him to come inside!!

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