A tale of two tails

Our two shibas have very different tails.

Loki has a very loose curl.  His tail curls and uncurls easily and all the time. You can tell when he's fearful or apprehensive when his tail uncurls.  His tail seems to have a personality all on its own.

Jujube, on the other hand, has a very tightly curled tail.  It's more like a little bundled knob.  Perhaps she never gets fearful or apprehensive -- she is pretty fearless.  The only time I see it uncurled is when she is fully relaxed when sitting or lying down, and even then, it doesn't happen often.


Priscilla said...

What different tails :)

Ronin and Kanooka said...

We have very similar situations. Ronin is like Loki. His tail is very loose and uncurls easily. Kanooka's is much tighter and does not straighten as easily. It is also funny how the tails show moods in us too.

Jen said...

ours are similar to yours, our female has the expressive tail, while our male has the gloriously fluffy show of a tail.

cute ;)

The Shiba said...

Again, I am with the others.

Cortez proudly carries his tail in a loose curl which lowers only when he is bored or uncertain. He **never** wags his tail at all unless he is tracking something.

Belle's tail is a tad short for a shiba- it does not reach her hocks, so it is a tight curl that wags constantly and seldom unravels because she is just such a happy camper.

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