The dogs' corners

The dogs' beds are back in their respective corners of the dining room. Here is Jujube.
Here is Loki in his corner. I don't know why he's facing the corner. It makes it look like he's sulking.
As you can see, their dog beds aren't real "beds," but just an old comforter that was cut up. Giving them their own space really does help keep them off of other places (like the couch). Every time you want your dog not to do something, you better have a replacement activity. What do you want your dog to do instead? To keep dogs off of the couch, make sure you are giving them a place to go to instead, a place of their own. I can't say the method is fool proof. Sometimes we catch Loki sneaking a nap on the couch or on our bed. But at least when we say "off," he knows where he's supposed to go instead.


Mongoose said...

I totally. My dog actually likes her doggy bed better than the human bed - when I try to make her sleep on the bed with me she just hops off and back to her own bed.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to visit your blog! I am in love with my crazy Shiba, Paco! He would rather be in his own space and not cuddling with someone. Just today he woke up and hasn't curled his tail at is just hanging limp and he is kinda sulking around. never happened before..any guesses to what might be ailing him?

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