What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine

We have two dog beds in two corners of our dining room. Our dogs are not possessive of the beds; they always switch who is in which bed. So there isn't really a "Loki's bed" and a "Jujube's bed", but for the purposes of this story, I'll label the beds that way.

One evening, Loki was feeling particularly playful. So he went over to Jujube's bed, while she was away and dragged her bed over to his. Then he lied on his bed and proceeded to chew on hers. His bed was his bed and her bed was his chew toy!

Later on that evening, after Loki left the two beds next to each other, Jujube plopped on both beds. Her bed was her bed, and his bed was also her bed!

Shibas have such great personalities!

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