Thought you had a friend

Loki was my first borne and as such, I spoil him a little almost every dinner. I tend to keep the amount of scraps he gets to a bare minimum, but it's consistent and he's learned to be on his very best behavior when I'm eating.

One evening last week, Vi and I were having dinner and for one reason or another I stuck out my hand to her for a high five, but rescinded with the phrase "thought you had a friend." (Hey! Don't judge!! ;))

Vi, acting playfully agitated, said "Fine! I'll play with Loki." "Loki, high five."

What Vi didn't realize is that as it's dinner time, Loki's attention is 100% focus on me. When she stuck her hand out for a high five with Loki, he looked her in the eyes and ignored her, thus giving me the perfect opportunity for a follow up "THOUGHT YOU HAD A FRIEND!"

Just to rub a little more salt in her wound, I raised my hand and Loki promptly high-fived me.

Loki, we make a great team! <3

1 comment:

Jenny said...

so mean! (though it is something I would do if I was in that position..heh heh)

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