The results have come in. Bacteria detected. Jujube had a UTI. So I forgive her for all the accidents that she's been leaving us.

When I went to the vet on Thursday, I didn't have to follow her around to catch a urine sample, like last time. Haha! I got the vet tech to do it for me instead! When I got her out of the car at the vet's, Jujube started doing her potty dance. Instead of letting her go, I quickly took her to the vet's front desk and said that she was about to go and this was the perfect opportunity to catch a urine sample. Yay for getting a vet tech to follow her instead of me.

We started her on antibiotics that day and she's already doing better. Almost too much better! Now she's like Loki, she doesn't always go immediately when we let her out into the backyard. Now, she sometimes goes out just for fun and will just sit there and enjoy the nice weather instead of pee. Well, at least she's feeling better.


Jen said...

aw, poor thing! That has happened to a few of the dogs we've cared for. After antibiotics are started, its like immediate improvement!

Have you checked out Berry Balance?

Solid Gold also sells pH strips so you don't have to chase the dog around to catch the pee, just dip it in fresh stuff.

Judy Whitton said...

Sami just got over a UTI so I know what you are talking about! LOL One other time we thought she might have one, which she did, and I had my daughter take her out on her leash and I followed behind with a small disposable bowl. The first time she squatted to pee, I tried to get the bowl under her and accidently bumped her in the butt with it and she spun around and just gave me the dirtiest looks. LOL Then she wouldn't go the rest of the night if she saw me coming. This last time, I just used a sturdy paper plate. Just slid it under her and got enough for a sample. I'm glad to hear that she seems to be much better!

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