Addendum to The Mint Review

I tried The Mint Cleaner in our living room and it didn't fare as well. It got stuck under our couch. The Mint Cleaner is a little bit higher towards its back compared to its front. So, the front of it went under our couch, but then the back wouldn't fit under the couch. This confused the machine, and I had to manually rescue it.

I also wanted to mention that this machine won't be good if your floors have A LOT of pet hair. It doesn't really "pick up" pet hairs. It's not a vacuum. It is an automatically rolling Swifer. Pet hair does stick to microfiber cloths pretty well, so I think it still does a good job. But it won't be able to handle too much pet hair. If you use it daily or near daily, the hair won't have time to accumulate and The Mint Cleaner can still handle the job.

It's not perfect, but I still love it.

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