Texts about Loki and Baby

Yun picks up Baby after work. During this time, I am still at work, so everyday Yun gets to spend a couple hours with Baby alone. Every so often, I get random texts updating me on their latest adventures.

One day last week:
Yun: Baby punched loki in the face =P
Me: Oh no!
Yun: He was just surprised not angry
One day this week:
Yun: He got to pet both dogs
Me: How'd he do?
Yun: Well
Yun tells me that Loki is actually very curious and well behaved around Baby. He reports that when Loki sniffed Baby, their noses were almost touching. And Baby was laughing and happy. I was and still am apprehensive about Loki being around Baby. We are always careful to monitor them when they are together. I get nervous when I receive these texts, but it seems like everything is going well. Maybe it's the start of a wonderful relationship between Baby and Loki.


jen said...

aw yay! that's so cool that loki is being awesome around Baby!

Jenny said...

Gotta start with the small stuff like shiba punching (only allowed by babies)! As I discovered with Pong and my nephew, as long as the dog knows food comes from babies, they associate baby as good!

Kim said...

I've taken my Shiba to my friends house on many occasions. My friend has a young child (16 months old now, but I have taken my Shiba over there since she was 10 months old). Baby punches, pulls fur, tugs on ears, grabs nose, shoves hands into the doggy's mouth (well, I don't let baby do that but she tries anyway), and my Shiba just sits there and lets baby do whatever she wants. It's a wonderful and funny thing to watch and I'm SO grateful that my dog is so laid back and sweet!

My friends dog (toy American Eskimo) won't even let baby do anything! That dog got sent to grandma's house until baby is older.

Shiba Tail said...

That's great! My shibas are good around my baby too. It's good to get them used to each other from day one.

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