Loving the Mint Cleaner

We tried out the Mint Cleaner tonight and I love it! It is basically an automatic Swifer. You attach a microfiber cleaning cloth (or disposable Swifer cloth) onto the machine and it rolls around your floor. It has two modes: sweep and mop. Sweep means you put a dry microfiber cloth on it, and mop means you put a wet one on.

It did a great job at navigating around my kitchen, dining room, and hallway. It even made it into the powder room because the door was left open. I've read some reviews in which their Mint got stuck, but mine never did. Moreover, it didn't fall off the stairs. And it maneuvered around the rug, dog beds, dining table, dining table chairs, baby swing, and the kitchen trash can. There were only two issues: (1) The dogs' empty food bowl was light enough for it to push out into the hallway. (2) And a relatively empty wastebasket was also pushed out into the middle of the kitchen. I thought these were pretty minor issues. The biggest drawback is the battery. On one charge I was able to get one complete sweep of my kitchen, dining room, and hallway. But then the battery died out after mopping all of my kitchen, half of my hallway, and half of my dining room.

In terms of cleaning, I think it did a fantastic job.

More importantly, how did the pups do? Well, Jujube was curious for about a second and then she didn't care anymore. She didn't try to attack it or anything. Basically she ignored it. Loki's reaction was much more animated. He barked at the intruder for quite some time. He was clearly afraid of it. Finally, he retreated to the safety of the basement. After awhile, Loki got used to it and ceased his barking. He's still afraid of it and stays far away from it, but he no longer barks. Yay! Overall, I'm surprised by how easy it was to get the pups used to the machine. No problems at all!


Shiba Tail said...

Sounds great! I may have to get myself one of these ;)

jen said...

awesome review

p.s. I wanted to thank you for your blog. I set up a google analytics report and most of my blog traffic is referred from your blog. So thank you :)

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