Different Parenting Styles

Do opposites attract? Well, the science may say no, but when it comes to doggie parenting styles, it seems like Yun and I are as opposite as can be. Perhaps we aren't that different, but in these past few days, it feels like we're miles apart.

We had our consultation with the pet behaviorist a few days ago. I desperately wish I could say that it all went wonderfully well, that we have a clear game plan ahead, and that we are optimistic about our future with Loki. But I can't. How well it all went depends on whom you ask. I thought it went very well, but Yun thought otherwise. After the behaviorist left, he said that he didn't like her, that he didn't like her after the first time, and that he had apparently forgotten that he didn't like her.

When we initially picked out a pet behaviorist, I did the research and I picked her out. Therefore, her philosophy was more in line with mine, and not at all in line with Yun's. I've always been  much more inclined towards positive reinforcement, and through the years I've become even more so. Yun thinks that positive reinforcement certainly has its place in training, but you can't do everything with just positives and no negatives. Yun and I just don't see eye to eye on this. We never have, and I don't think we ever will. The way I see it is that Loki is an extremely sensitive and anxious dog, and anything negative is detrimental to his well-being. Another difference is that I tend to be in favor of more management (similar to the behaviorist) whereas Yun tends to dislike management. Our disagreements are more nuanced than just this, but anyways this gives you an idea about our differences.

We both love Loki and are trying to find some common ground. We're trying to pick and choose from the behaviorists suggestions to find something that is acceptable for both of us. I think if it were up to me, I would have implemented all of her suggestions. But Yun feels strongly against some of them. And so, we are left trying to piece together a solution that can work for both of us. We definitely are trying to work towards a common goal. I just wish it weren't so hard.

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