Misadventure #2: Escaping

Last Friday, I entered my apartment around noon and Loki was nowhere to be seen. To my shock, Loki was NOT in his exercise pen! Where could he be? I dropped everything in my hands at once. Then, the little puppy comes sauntering into the apartment from the balcony as happy as can be. What?! I called Yun immediately.

What happened? Did you put Loki in his pen this morning?
Yes. I definitely did.

Did you forget to close the balcony door?
Oh, maybe I might have forgotten to do that.

The door of the pen is still locked.
Oh, I guess Loki must have climbed out.

The exercise pen is two feet high and Loki is maybe a foot tall now. We did buy a top for it, but had kept it half open. We figured that he is still a puppy and couldn't climb out. We planned on closing the top when he got bigger. Luckily, Yun forgot to close the balcony door that morning, so Loki was able to go out there to pee and poop, both of which he did in the correct spot. Amazing!

Well, now we definitely keep the top closed when we leave him unattended.

Never underestimate a Shiba!


devhijhay said...

Hi there :) We just got our little shiba and is amazed at how you and Yun have successfully brought up Loki.
Goku is a little more than 3 months old and has been with us for a little more than a week. It's just now that I'm trying to crate train him cause we live in an apartment just like you. I would like to ask for any tips. He yells and screams when left alone :(

Thanks in advance!

Leo said...

Hahaha that's pretty funny and i can relate Nike is only 12weeks right now i had to get one of those keep out pet gates to keep him into the kitchen because hes scared of his crate. (he was on a cargo plane) and i think he thinks it means im sending him away but ill help him concor his fear gradualy.

anyway i put him in but he climbed the little doggy fence!! i come back from my shower and freak out because i can't find him but when i walked past the table he attached my socks!! i was scared! Apparently i ruined his nap. lol..

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