Nine Weeks Old

At over nine weeks old, Loki is calmly chewing on a tree branch on our balcony. I have found that the toys that amuse him the most are the ones that are free - tree branches, rocks, grass, pine cones, and leaves. I can't wait for the day when he is fully vaccinated and we can let him explore the world of nature.
Let me tell you, pet photography sure is difficult. Dogs don't quite understand the idea of posing for a photo. Thus, I take many shots in hopes that one turns out well. Here we are in early morning, so the shadows are quite strong; I think that makes for some interesting photos. Also, a good zoom helps, as pets may get too curious about your camera when you are too close. And be sure to hold on to any cords or wrist straps! Loki loves to nip at any dangling string.

Here are some good tips on photographing pets:


Bonnie said...

Loki is adorable!! Sushi still loves to chase after pinecones, and he is 3 yrs old. Leaves are fun too, on occasion. As a puppy, he used to always bring back a stick during our walks and leave it on our front lawn, lol. Loki looks so soft! We used to pet Sushi's ears all the time when we first got him, they were like velvet. I bet you are just having so much fun with Loki!

Vi said...

Yes, we're having lots of fun with Loki now. We're trying to savor his puppyhood as long as we can. They grow up fast!

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