Puppy stuff

We'll be able to take our puppy home in just 2 more days! I'm so excited! This week we bought all of our puppy stuff. We spent so much more than expected at PetSmart.

collar... leash... food... bowls... toys... treats... it sure adds up fast!

We also bought a puppy exercise pen. This will be Loki's home when we are not. It'll be sufficient for our puppy, but really quite small for humans. I tested it out, as you can see. I even tested out the door. It's really quite small, but I did make it through!


Viet Nguyen said...

hmmm looks good, im getting a Shiba Inu pup soon and have been looking for large cages as im not a fan of crate training. nice one

bailmoney7 said...

Hi!! I have a 5 month old shiba right now...and I have been looking for play pens similar to yours. I feel horrible crating him while im at work in a crate, and I think a play pen would be much better. Where did get yours? and suggestions?

Vi said...

bailmoney7 --

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope it's helpful. Please see my post on exercise pens:

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