Learning more about Jujube

Jujube is definitely a licker. Last night, Loki growled in her face. She just looked at him and then licked him. How cute is that?

She woke both of us up this morning by licking our faces. Hm... I quickly learned to keep my mouth shut.

I dragged myself out of bed at 8am, because I knew I should take the dogs out. While I was getting ready, Jujube had an accident in our bedroom. Aww... I guess I didn't get ready fast enough. Then I took them both out and walked around our neighborhood. Walking two dogs was surprisingly easy. Not much more difficult than walking one. And it definitely put me into a pack leader role much easier than when I was walking only Loki. With one dog, sometimes I give in and let him go where he wants to go. Or let him pee where he wants to pee. With two dogs, it's much more clear that I determine when we walk and when we stop for a potty break. Anyways, Loki marked all over the place like usual, while Juju didn't go once. Not at all. Huh? What gives? Did she empty her entire bladder on our carpet? Maybe.

At 11am, we decided to take both dogs on our long walk for some bonding time. It was well below freezing. Sigh. Our entire family went for a 3.8 mile walk. For the entire walk, Jujube neither peed nor pooped. What gives?

When we arrived home, Yun had an idea. Maybe she would go in our backyard. Sure enough, he let her out and she immediately went to pee. I guess that is how she must have been trained back at her breeders. Makes sense. And she only goes once -- empties her bladder. No marking.

So we have one dog that does not go in our backyard, but goes on walks. And another dog that does not go on walks, but goes in our backyard. This will be fun.

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Masako said...

Awww... another licker! Sounds like she's quickly bonded to both of you. That's great!

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