Loki meets a horse

It's fun and healthy to broaden the life experiences of our pets. Think about it. You spend your own life thinking about all the things you want to do before you die. Perhaps going to Paris is on your list. Perhaps learning to scuba dive is on your list. We all have some sort of list.

But our pets don't and don't have a choice about it. Shouldn't we offer them new experiences? Now, maybe I've humanizing animals. Maybe it doesn't matter to them one way or another. Still, if nothing else, I find great joy in showing Loki something new and seeing his reaction.

Here he is meeting a horse for the very first time. The horse was just as curious about us as Loki was of the horse.

Sniff, sniff, sniff... Smells interesting.

Hey, come back down here. You're too tall!

Let's play!


Wilson said...


Bonnie said...

LOL Did Loki really want to play? Cute pics. Sushi has seen cows up that close, but could care less. But, a few weeks ago, he saw his first deer (3,actually) and went crazy!

Masako said...

Loki is so cute in these pics! Winnie was excited the very first time she met my sister's horse. Both she and one of our previous shibas (Buddy) LOVE to eat horse poop! Buddy even rolled in it until he was a yucky olive green.

Shibas + horses = FUN!

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