We had our first scuffle the morning after we got Jujube. It wasn't over food. Breakfast time went okay. Not perfect, but okay. The scuffle was over a ball. I think I forgot to warn Yun that toys can be a source of aggression. I was on the phone with my mom when all of a sudden I heard some serious screaming and yelping. I quickly hung up with my mom and ran upstairs. By then Yun already broke up the fight.

I put Loki into a "relax" command, while Yun checked Juju all over to make sure that she was okay. (Relax is what we interpret to be an alpha roll. We've trained him to obey that command, so he just lies on his side with his head on the ground.) She wasn't hurt.

The scuffle was over a ball. Yun was tossing a ball for them, when Loki decided to lash out at Juju. Yes, not a good idea. But I forgot to warn Yun about that.

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