Peeing & Pooping

When we were house shopping, one of our main criteria was a fenced yard. But after we moved into our townhouse, Loki never used the backyard for peeing or pooping. What the heck?! He refused to go & we had to take him out on a leash around the neighborhood just like when we lived in apartments. We could have tried to train him by never letting him go anywhere else except the backyard, but that would require too much effort. And it would risk accidents in the house, because Loki would have gone on a pooping/peeing strike. So we gave up on using the backyard as his bathroom.

But when we got Jujube, everything changed. She didn't pee or poop on walks, instead she went in the backyard. And surely enough, Loki followed suit. Yay! Now we just let the dogs out in the backyard. It's so convenient! We love it. Thank you, Jujube!

The two of them instinctively divided up the backyard into a "play" area and a "bathroom" area. I'm not sure how they know, but they do. We always find the poop in the same left quadrant of the yard.

Here they are in their "play" area. Loki is the one lying down and Juju is the one standing up.

Here's Jujube. I finally got a shot of her. She is extremely difficult to shoot. She never stays still and she loves to be close. If I kneel down with the camera, she'll come running up to me. She'll lick the camera if I'm not careful. She's very attached to humans. Very.

And here's Loki, who is much easier to shoot. He stays relatively still and remains at a distance.


Alexander said...

Hey guys- we read your blog often and as Shiba owners and dog lovers, we're asking you to please post something about a missing dog in the Falls Church area. He is a cattle mix named Rocky, and here is the blog related to the search effort. We really appreciate any help you can provide .. maybe a post will help get some word out. Thanks so much!

Alex, Leah, and Kistune

Chibi And Sumo said...

be glad they use the dedicated spot you layed out :)

we spent some coin on a new side area along the house (since our backyard is mostly swimming pool and decking) for the doggies to pee/poop on. we made a nice decomposed granite area for them (since it's the easiest to absorb pee and pickup poop), with a nice rock area to walk across to get there. chibi and sumo decided they'd rather poop and pee on the rocks :) (visualize picking up poop on a series of 3" rocks)

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