Jujube chasing her tail

From time to time, Jujube chases her tail. Sometimes she does it in conjunction to her Shiba 500 or when she's playing with Loki. Loki doesn't chase his tail. Such idiocy is beneath him.

It's only 5 seconds, but it's the best I could do:


Chelsea and Wilson said...

ha! Very cute ,- and unless she is into yoga - probly never going to caught! But i don't know, some shiba's I have seen in the blogverse are very bendy. Infact wasn't it Jujube that crammed herself into a box? One day cutie you will caught that tail ;)

Cynthia said...

Cute and surprisingly silent:) Akira usually growls when he does this!

k9 said...

Jujube you are amazing and cute.
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Anonymous said...

She was a blur for most of that -- I hate to think what she looks like when she's actually got time to work up some real speed!
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