Loki, my protector

In our family, we joke about the fact that Loki is my protector. I don't really know how he feels or what he thinks, but it sure does seem like he's my protector. If Yun and I kiss for longer than a second, Loki will come marching in and start barking at Yun. Nothing seems to get him off the couch faster.
"Bark, bark, bark! Stop attacking my mommy!" (Or at least that's what we like to think.)
Sometimes, when we are being playful and Yun's teases me by picking me off the ground, I yell out, "Loki! Come save me!" And sure enough, he does. He's my faithful servant.

Do your dogs react when you kiss your significant other?


PupChow said...

In situation between my girlfriend and I, Mac would just get up and slowly walk away with a disapproval look on his face.

I think he was annoyed.

Mongoose said...

My guess would be he's not thinking "my mommy" at all. My male cat disapproved of boyfriends as males, not as "attacking my mommy". He would ramp up the dominant-male behaviour every time there was a man in the house. Unlike babies, cats and dogs understand sexual behaviour.

Cheryl said...

Cody definitely reacts when Josh (my Fiance) and I get close. If we're snuggling up on the couch, Cody will poke his nose between us. He's never aggressive or barks, but he definitely wants to make sure we're still paying attention to him too!

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