What nicknames do you call your dog(s)?

For Loki, we got
  • Loki-boki
  • Lokkers
  • Lokkers-bokkers
  • Puppers-snapers
  • Lo-bo
  • Roki
For Jujube, we got
  • Juju
  • Ju-be-joos
  • Juju-boo-boo
  • Juju-bunny
  • Juju-bus
  • Ju-bo


The said...

Snafeeeee-pants, Chicken-head, Saf, Poopy-pants, $#*!ty-pants.

Not sure why the "Pants" is always on the end... not sure where that came from.

Vi said...

LOL. I like "Chicken-head"!

jen said...

it's embarrassing how many names we call our dogs!

Tsuki - snooze button, snood, super sooker

kitsu - basically just kit or kitsuie

buckley - bee bee, beeber, beeber fever, beagle, barkley, bleeber

lexi - lexus, lex luther, lexican

Vi said...

@jen -- I like "snooze button"!

jen said...

we touch her pink nose when we say it. :)

Susan said...

OK, y'all fessed up so I will.

Bandit: Bandit girl, pretty dog, sweetie, sweetie dog (isn't that awful?), Bandita, grunty, grunty girl.

the spoon said...

Koi's nicknames are:
Koi Bear
(she actually doesn't smell that bad - but she has a distinctive sleep smell, hahaha)
Choopie (random, I know)

Nicole B. said...

Oh man this list could get long.

Jiro: Jiro-pup, Jiro A Pup, Fuzz butt, Jiro-frito-bandito-dorito, Pup-pup

Yuki-san: Yuki-bear, The Bear, Bear-cub, Bear-tatoe, Bearritto, Yuk, Yukkers

And both get called Monkey, Monkey Butt, and Brat interchangeably.

A few fosters that always made me laugh.

Hago was Hogs.
Luna was Looney Luna.

Denise said...

Yogi = YogiBear, Yogz, Yogurt, Black dog

Wilbur = WilburBear, Wilbs, SpookieDoo, FuzzButt, Brown dog

Bibby said...

Here goes

Bear - Bum Bum, Little man, Bear Bear, Bear man bin man, Mr Man, Matey mate, Goobernaught and Wonky Donkey ( he has a wonky eye), Chunk, Dump Truck, Rhinoceros( cos he runs like one)

Lily - Sexy wiggle, Lilster, Lilu, Diddle, Lil, Miss Lily, Lily Munster.

Anonymous said...

Suki Monster (When she is being cute)
Suki Bear
Suki Boo
Baby Girl
Monster (When she is bad lol)

ShibaGirl said...

Kitsune has many nicknames.

My favorites are:
-Hunny Bear
-Sugar Bear
-Sugar pie
-Small dog small

Most of these are incorporated into a song of some strange sort or called out in a sing song voice. My husband and the dog probably think I'm crazy.

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