At the kennel

Loki was with his breeder this past week while Yun & I were away on vacation.

This picture was taken when we arrived at the breeder's. Who's that other Shiba? Does Loki remember her? It's his sister Julianne!!!

And here are the two siblings sharing a bucket of water in the kennel. We snapped this picture when we returned to pick him up. They sure do look alike! (Loki's still cuter, but I might be biased.)

While at the breeder's, Loki got groomed and even had his nails done. Yay! We haven't been able to really clip his nails in a couple months. Sometimes we can sneak in a nail here or there, but we haven't been really able to get him to voluntarily sit still for clipping. The breeder used a Dremel on his nails. She did it very quickly and didn't back down when he put up any resistance. Maybe we'll look into getting a Dremel.

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Ellie & Jasmine said...

I heard some dogs get frightened by the sound of dremmels but then again he probably is use to it. Ellie sits for her nails though she doesn't like it much she deals.

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