Eventful Day

What an eventful day for Loki! Puppy class in the morning, dog park in the afternoon, and then almost being eaten alive by Yun!

Puppy Class
Loki did so well today in puppy class! We reviewed all of our previous commands in a rapid fire drill. Name, Sit, Down, Stay, Let's Go, Target, Sit to greet, and Pillow. He knows all of them except for Pillow. We don't really use that one with him. Pillow means go to your blanket and lie down. At home, we use Pen, which means go to your exercise pen and be locked up.

Today we learned Heel, so we'll have to practice that this week. I never quite understood the concept of Heel and how it's different from Let's Go. The only reason I thought Heel would be useful is in the show ring. Do people actually take their dogs on walks in a formal Heel position? I guess a Seeing-Eye Service Dog would have to. I'll try it out and practice Heel. Maybe our walks will be better if I have Loki in a Heel position.

Dog Park
Loki did lots of running at the dog park today. Good thing! Now he's all tired out. You never know whether he'll end up getting good exercise at the dog park or not. The pug ran around with him a lot.

After running, dogs need water. Loki didn't really drink out of the communal water fountain. He did once when no other dogs were around. But I spoil him and bring him a separate water bowl.

Just around the time that we were going to leave the dog park, Loki got attacked by another dog. I think it was a Scottish Terrier. I'm not quite sure. It's very easy to spot an unstable dog. Most dogs there are friendly and happy. This dog came in to the park barking like crazy and charging. It was also obsessive about fetching the tennis ball that its owner would throw. It would keep on barking at the owner demanding he throw the ball. Unfortunately, he got into a scuffle with Loki. It wasn't play. It was a fight. Loki looked really vicious. Yun stepped in pretty quickly, so no one got hurt. Still, then I wanted to stay a little longer so that Loki wouldn't leave with a bad impression of the dog park or of dogs. I didn't want him to be fearful of or aggressive towards other dogs. So we stayed a little longer than I planned, but I think doing that was helpful for Loki.

Being eaten alive
After a tiring time at the dog park, Loki decided to sleep by the kitchen table. But then his ear got eaten off by a terrible monster. Poor Loki!


Kay said...

Loki is so well train...goes to puppy class.
Pearly don't know down yet, I didn't teach her yet...
too much to teach... lol...

Anonymous said...
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Addicting Animal said...

Loki is so smart! (Nice name, too.) Shibas are great dogs.

As for heeling: Show dogs aren't the only ones who need it. In nature, the dog in front is pack leader, so if he's pulling you along (or just walking in front), it means he thinks he's the head of the household. You show your dominance by making him stay to the side or back.

Yeah, it sounds odd. You're not saying, "I'm better than you, step aside," so much as "My house. My rules." As long as you're in charge, you get respect. That simple.

Looks like you're doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!

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