Today, I was sitting at my desk and heard this racket going on. Uh-oh, I thought, what is Loki up to? Where is he? Not in the exercise pen. Not in the living room. Not in the kitchen or dining room. Is he in the bathroom? No. He's in his crate in the bedroom!

Silly dog! Where are you going to accomplish? Anyways, I was very proud of him for knowing that he is allowed to dig in his crate (he's also allowed to dig in his exercise pen), because he's not allowed to dig on our carpet or other flooring.


Tiny said...

Loki wants to dig a tunnel to Japan probably ;-)

BTW, won't that hurt his paws by digging onto the hard surface?!

Vi said...

Well, he chose to go there to dig.

He's allowed to dig in his exercise pen, and that is a carpeted (soft) surface.

So, it probably doesn't hurt his paws; otherwise, why would he do it?

Tiny said...

Maybe he's bored? Perhaps he wants some challenging games.

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