I am usually pleasantly surprised when I meet someone who correctly identifies Loki's breed. Most people are clueless about his breed and typically have never heard of Shibas. However, I am the most surprised when little girls very confidently say, "Oh, that's a Shiba Inu!"

Wait... how does these 8-10 year old girls know Loki's breed when most adults don't?
Nintendogs for Nintendo DS.
Of course a Japanese company is going to include their popular furry critter in their games. Here's a screen shot of the Japanese version taken without permission from
What a cute puppy!


Tiny said...

That's a cute one!

I once mixed up the two breeds - Shiba and Akita. After I have decided to have a dog one day, I did some research and I found out that Shiba is smaller than Akita. I like the look of a Shiba - smart and yet mischievous at times.

Ann said...

I know what you mean. I have a Red Sesame Shiba Inu. My vet and the neighborhood kids who have the Nintendogs with the Shiba know my dogs breed. I usually get, "is that a fox?"

Anonymous said...

i love shiba inus. a girl at my church has a little puppy. i've been trying to get my parents to get a dog but they don't like dogs even though they grew up with ones. plus we have a cat

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