By the vet's orders, Loki's supposed to be keep his Elizabethan collar on for 3 days and be on restricted activity for 3-5 days. He doesn't walk very well; he'll take a few steps and then sit down, take another few steps and then sit down. I only take him outside to poop/pee and I don't take him very far.

Unfortunately, this meant that Loki went on a poop strike. What's a poop strike you ask? It's when he refuses to poop, because the locations I take him to do not meet his standards of a proper pooping place. I have no clue what his criteria is, but apparently, it must be very FAR from our apartment. Because he doesn't walk well yet, I only take him to locations right next to our apartment. So after about 2.5 days without pooping, he finally pooped tonight. I was so frustrated. He wouldn't poop where I took him. He did his poop dance, but instead of pooping, he sat down and whined. It's cute the first time, but not cute the second or third time. Since he was just going to sit there and I didn't have all day to wait him out, I let him walk out a bit farther. Finally, he pooped.

Why is he so picky about where he poops? I don't understand. It doesn't have to do with where other dogs poop, because there are plenty of spots right next to our apartment where other dogs poop. And I've tried picking up his poop and putting it down at a spot close to our apartment. That doesn't work either. All I know is that a proper pooping place has to be FAR away.


Tiny said...

This reminds me of the book Marley and Me (think you have read that). Even though Marley was sick, he insisted to find a spot that he preferred for doing his business, even if it meant he had to walk far.

It must be a dog's thing.

Janet said...

My shiba does the same thing...unless it's absolutely NECESSARY, he refuses to poop in our yard. Doesn't want to mess up the place, I guess!

Acacia said...

Charlie is the same way. Part of it is that he's totally anxious -- he gets easily distracted, and if there is a sound he doesn't like while he's sniffing around, he takes it to mean that this must not be the right place and we keep walking for another 10 minutes. ARGH! We had a yard for a little while and he never, EVER used it.

The upside is that he gets nice, long walks that I'd probably be too lazy to give him otherwise... :/

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