Bury for later

We crate Loki at night less and less now. He's well-behaved at night, and so we crate perhaps only once a week now. (Just so he is always used to the crate.)

The crate remains open and he's free to sleep there, but he usually doesn't. He likes to really sprawl out and the crate isn't large enough for all of his limbs to fully extend. We've put down a blanket outside of his crate for him to sleep. We give him a treat at night when he goes to his own spot (rather than make himself comfortable on our bed).

But yesterday night, he didn't want to eat the treat right away. He wanted to save it for later. So he jumped on our bed (while we were already in bed), and began digging.

He wanted to bury the treat in our comforter! He was perfectly content as soon as his treat was sufficiently buried in the comforter. I was so surprised and amused that I couldn't get mad at him (I don't like food in the bed.). He is such a funny little guy!

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Jenny said...

awww.. that's so cute. When I take the treat to the 'eating' spot and away from people/dining table, pong pong insists on bringing it back to the dining table and eating it there.

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