Loki and the yellow ball

I realized that the green ball didn't really show up well on the video from a few posts ago. So here is a new video of Loki figuring out how to retrieve his yellow ball!

Like the biased pet parent that I am, I could just always show all of Loki's successes and never mention his failures. But to be fair, he wasn't successful at the can trick. I took this trick from an online dog IQ test. You show your dog a yummy treat like cheese, and then put it on the ground and put a soup can over it. Then see how long it takes your dog to figure out that he can knock over the can to get the treat. Loki-boki didn't figure it out at all. He just sat there. We tried repeating the action and we tried encouraging him to get the treat. But he never did figure it out. Maybe he will when he's older.

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