Collars & Harnesses

In a world of feminine & girly pet accessories, a couple of Lupine's latest designs are pretty masculine.

Not that I really think that these designs would go well with Loki, but I'm happy to see more masculine designs that are not scary (like skull & bones or little spikes).

I think we should get Loki a harness. It'd be useful for tie-outs and as part of a car restraint. Loki doesn't have a seat belt or any other car restraint. When he was really young, I would crate him in the car. But it's such a hassle to crate him every time we go for a car ride.

This one would match his current collar & leash set.

But this one would come with the Champion Canine Seat Belt System. This one is specifically designed for car safety. Unfortunately, Champion only has 3 colors choices: Red, Black, and Blue.

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2shibas said...

Lupine makes the only harnesses that Wiley can't chew through - they are the best! I like these new boy designs...thanks for bringing them to my attention!


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