More Loose Dogs

What a miserable morning! When I took Loki outside this morning, we encountered two loose dogs. What a headache! The white one ran directly towards us and was very dominant. After sniffing Loki, he tried to hump Loki and then also proceeded to pee on every tree and bush around us. The smaller dog growled at us. She seemed more fearful than dominant though. No owner was in sight.

I hate dealing with loose dogs when I have Loki. Still, I tried to get Loki to pee. I knew there was no way he would poop with so many distractions, as pooping is already a very time consuming process.

Slowly, the dogs became more friendly. The white one offered a play bow and Loki reciprocated. Apparently, now they wanted to play chase. Well, no play for Loki - he's on a leash and we're not at the dog park.

The two dogs followed us everywhere we went. They even followed us all the way home! So then I leashed them, and called up the number on their tags. I gave them some water and a handful of kibble. The owner came in an hour and took them home.

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