Destoyer of Toys

Up until very recently, Loki was not much of an aggressive chewer. He always liked to shake and kill his toys, but this didn't ever actually damage them. Most of his toys remained intact. But now at 7 months of age and with all of his adult teeth in, he's started to destroy his toys. The seams are coming apart on a couple of his plush toys. His teething key ring is now C-shaped rather than a ring.

This used to be a plush Frisbee with a squeaker in the middle. Loki tore out that squeaker the within a few hours of being given the toy. Soon it will become a doughnut.
This used to be a rope giraffe with a tennis ball as a body. Well, no more tennis ball.


ilovepearly said...

Possibly get toys for aggressive chewers, their usually harder to break.

Darcey said...

I strongly suggest these:

Our shiba has 2 and has yet to destroy them--one toy is now 5 months old and one is about a month old. Buy the level 8, 9 or 10 toys.

We also have discovered that the round "Holee Rollers" balls ( are also pretty indestructible. So far, aside from black kongs and the very thick ropes, those are all that survive the fangs of our pup. He's a little over 1 now.

2shibas said...

Growing up is THE BEST...isn't it fun destroying stuff? Our mom is mean and doesn't let us play with any plastic toys anymore because she's afraid we'll choke, and we rip our stuffies apart all the time. The only things we can't get through are ropes, kongs, and really dense, heavy balls. We also heard the Cuz toys are hard to get through, but our mom hasn't bought us any yet! Happy chewing!

Wiley & Fievel

P.S. You're getting so big and handsome! : )

Tiny said...

Replacing toys that were destroyed is one thing. You might want to watch out for small loose parts from the broken toy that Loki might swallow.

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