Clean up!

Loki's very best command is clean up. This command means we have dropped some food on the floor and his job is to clean it up! Sometimes, it's really yummy food like beef. Sometimes, it's not so yummy food like celery.

When we first got Loki, we were very careful about what he ate. Now after some months have passed, we are less worrisome dog parents. As long as the food isn't on the "do not eat" list for dogs, Loki is allowed to eat anything. And anyways, dogs lived off of human leftovers and scraps for thousands of years.

We're thinking about using this clean up command as a more reliable recall for him. As with most Shibas, his response rate for come is pretty bad. In fact, come is starting to mean, ignore the humans.

So far, we only use clean up to mean clean up, not as a recall. But I think we might be able to turn it into a semi-reliable recall. I'll have to start practicing it outdoors where there are more distractions.

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