What is going on?

I must have jinxed myself for saying that Loki's perfectly potty trained.

We got back from grocery shopping today and then Loki just peed on the carpet right in front of us. I don't understand?!? His last accident was back in June!

He was let outside less than 3 hours ago and he normally can hold it for up to 8 hrs.

I don't get it. I feel like I have an entirely different dog!


ilovepearly said...

How old is Loki?
I think it happens sometimes.
It did for me and they say they go through a teenager stage, but just keep on potty training. I don't know why it happen for loki but I wish you the best.

Vi said...

He is now 9.5 months old, so yes, he is right around the time of doggie adolescence.

jg said...

Accidents happen. Snick says "don't sweat it." :)

BeerTime said...

im hoping it's adolescence....our shiba just turned 9 months last week...she's been mostly the ideal puppy up until the last couple weeks....house trained well, no bad chewing habits, well behaved and calm when people are at home with her.

she's turned (a bit) into a crackhead lately....

1) she peed on our bed (while we were at home with her and she had just been let out to pee an hour earlier)

2) she peed on the couch (when we left her out of her crate/pen when we were out for 2 hours -- up until this incident she had been home alone for 5-6 hrs with no issues)

3) destroyed a pair of shoes (which she has never done)

4) climbed up on top of one of her crates so that she could reach the cord for the blinds and chew on that

im thinking it has to be the teen years...my friend owns her brother and he has started doing the same type of "crackhead" things too the last few weeks

and just when i think she's done blowing her coat...there's still more and more (thank GOD for the furminator!) :-D

2shibas said...

Wiley went through a wacky adolescent phase, too. He was the prize dog until he hit about 9 or 10 months...out of no where he ate a wooden knob off of my dresser, ate countless pairs of MY shoes (never my husband's. WTF?), chewed up a remote, etc. I'm sure there is more I've long-since blocked out of my memory. It's frustrating but they do grow out of it. The most important thing is to keep them safely locked in their crates when you're not home and watch them carefully when you are home. Wiley has not done one bad thing since he was about 1.5 years old. Hang in there!

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