The worst kind of destruction

So far, I've always said that Loki's not really destructive. He's never chewed up any of our shoes. All of our furniture is intact. He's only ever destroyed paper. Luckily, they were of no importance anyways. And he's chewed on our remote controls, which still work just fine. Thus, in light of the fact the he's been perfectly potty trained since the end of June and that he's not very destructive, we don't usually crate him at night.

This morning, I found the worst kind of destruction.

Very luckily for us, these cords were connected to the light switch, which was turned off. We're so very glad and lucky that Loki is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, he really does not understand that he did anything wrong. Don't you ever wish you could just talk to your dog?

Here's our hypothesis of why. Because we wanted to sleep in on Sunday, we prepared his breakfast the night before and put it in his exercise pen, where he always takes his meals. This way, all we had to do was open the bedroom door in the morning, he could go eat his breakfast, and we could go back to sleep.

Last night, we put him to bed with us in the bedroom as usual. But the problem was the he knew that there was food in his ex-pen. He whined the entire night and pawed at the door. I got up at 5am, thinking that maybe, just maybe, he had to go pee. But no, he bolted right for the food. He knew it was there. I brought him back to the bedroom, but he continued whining and scratching at the door until 7:30am (breakfast time). So our hypothesis is that he chewed up the cords out of frustration.

Having breakfast ready was a terrible idea that we won't ever try again. He's never even showed an inkling of an interest in any cords before, so it had to be this particular situation. I guess, it's back to no more sleeping in on the weekends for me.


2shibas said...

OMG. I literally gasped when I saw the pictures of the cord...that is so scary! Thank God he's okay. You guys must have freaked out when you saw that...I hope *you're* okay, too!

These shibas will be the death of us!!! (only half kidding)

Hang in there!

Vi said...

I was definitely shocked by the sight. But I saw Loki alive & well before I saw the cords. I would have had a heart attack if I saw the cords before I saw Loki.

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