Holiday Shopping

We all went Christmas shopping at a dog-friendly mall in LA, Westfield's Century City Mall. It is an outdoor mall and many of the stores there welcome dogs. We saw lots of other people with their dogs - so cute! One jewelry store (Iridesse) even held an event trying to help rescue dogs. They had a few dogs in their store wearing "Adopt me" signs, and the store was also donating some amount of money to the rescue organization for every customer purchase.

It took awhile for Loki to get used to the crowds of people. It was a bit of sensory overload for him.

Of course our gorgeous & cute puppy got lots of attention! One lady even approached us to ask for stud service! Our little guy is neutered, but he still looks like a stud muffin.

Then for a few minutes, I went into Victoria's Secret while Yun took Loki to browse in Tiffany's.

And you wouldn't believe what happened next. While Yun was talking to a saleslady, Loki decided that right smack in the middle of Tiffany's was the perfect place to poop. Of all places, he chose Tiffany's!!!

Despite not being able to discern what is an acceptable pooping spot, he was able to figure out that shrubbery was the correct place for peeing. He was great the first two times peeing, then the last time, he peed on the Christmas tree. It's hard being a pup. All other trees are acceptable for peeing, why not this one as well?

Lastly, Loki even got to taste some Pinkberry! Pinkberry was (and still is) very popular dessert in LA. They just opened up a store in the Century City Mall, so we went to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. The frozen yogurt part of it got Loki's seal of approval, but not the raspberry topping. (Okay, I know, technically, it's not frozen yogurt, but that's what it looks & tastes like, so that's what I'm going to call it.)


2shibas said...

Only a shiba would poop in Tiffany's. That is so classic! : )

Frannie (and Wiley & Fievel)

ilovepearly said...

woooo, even got some yummie pink berry, lucky pup!

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