The Furminator

After reading about so many rave reviews about the Furminator, I bought one off of eBay. (That's where I found the best prices. It's not a cheap item.)

So I tried it out tonight. Loki's no longer blowing his coat, so there wasn't much anyways. But I still got much more undercoat fur with this than with his other brush. Yay!

One day I'll have his fur spun into yarn. It's really expensive, but one day, I'll have it done. Here's one site that does this.


ilovepearly said...

Hm....that looks like a good one.

2shibas said...

Vi, would you recommend the furminator? Someone at Petsmart recommended a horse brush, which is what we use on Wiley (Fievel won't let us brush her at all). It's made of rubber and it's the only brush he'll let us use on him w/o a fight. It works pretty well, but it's not GREAT. Let me know what you think.



Vi said...

Frannie --
I'm not sure how it works with dogs that put up a fight. I don't really know why Loki doesn't put up much of a fight, but he doesn't & I'm not going to complain.

It works really well. I do see a HUGE difference between the Furminator and our previous brush. It's surprisingly sharp, but you're not supposed to use any force. Just use it gently.

BeerTime said...

i would definitely recommend the furminator...fantastic :)

im just wondering how long the blowing the coat lasts...this is our first season with our shiba, she's been "blowing" for almost a month now :p

furminating every other day and getting a baseball sized ball of fur each time

Vi said...

Well, Loki sheds all year round, but blowing coat is very apparent. During that time there is A LOT of shedding. It's like you go to pet the dog and your hand will just pick up loose dog hair.

It's supposed to be twice a year - once in fall & once in spring. It helps them regulate their body temperature. So the shedding will vary depending on what climate you live in. If you live in a northern region with a real cold winter and real hot summer, then I think shedding is confined pretty much to fall & spring. If you live in a more moderate climate, then I think you get more of the shedding year round.

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