The half-a-million dollar dog house

We are currently looking to buy a home. This is possibly one of the largest purchases we will make in our lifetimes. It’s a huge financial investment. And yet, why do we feel like we’re buying a home for our dog?

Condos? Definitely not, there is no yard.

Townhouse? Only if it has a fenced yard, or at the very least a yard that can be fenced.

In fact, we fell in love with one particular townhouse this past Sunday. It was completely us, much more so than any of the 20-some other open houses we had visited. From the open, contemporary floor plans to the pre-wired audio-visual entertainment closet, it fit us so well. But alas, there was no yard at all. So we crossed that one off of our list.

Detached single family houses? They typically have a much larger yards and many are already fenced. But then the questions become even more astounding: are there enough large trees to provide adequate shade for Loki?

Wait a minute, when did we become Loki's buyer agent in the purchase of a really expensive dog house?


Xarien said...

Oh wait this town house is 4 stories, Loki would love the stairs!

Chibifish said...

Really enjoy your blog. Everything you mention here is like reading our own story with our 2 years old Shiba.

The Shiba said...

I am glad that your priorities are in the right place.

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