We selected Alexandria Animal Hospital as our vet in this area. Prices for vet visits in this area seem to be quite a bit more expensive than it was at our old location. Anyways, for our first visit, we got him tested for heartworm and also brought in a stool sample to check for worms. Heartworm was never a concern for us in Southern California, but apparently it is in these parts. Also, we were advised to put him on medication for fleas as well as ticks. We previously had him on Advantage, which is only for fleas, not ticks. Now, we're going to try Advantix. He never liked Advantage much, so we hope he won't have an adverse reaction to Advantix. Otherwise, we'll try Frontline. He was really well-behaved at the vet's office.

After we were all done and ready to go home, he decided to jump into the driver's seat. Silly doggy!

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Alexander said...

We've been taking Kitsu to 7 Corners Animal Hospital .. it has been okay but so far we're a little worried. The doc is quite good I hear though, good luck with alexandria! We've got him on K9 Advantix as well, and he didnt mind the application at all. If you search online, you can order it really cheap.

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