Stupid Humans

Today we went to WylieWagg and purchased new food for Loki. WylieWagg has become our new favorite pet store in this area. All of the staff are very friendly, we get free samples & treats, and the store has a nice atmosphere.

We selected a 20 lb. bag of California Natural with Herring.

Then we dropped off the food and the dog at home before rushing off to the DMV.

When we arrived back home, I was very happy because we successfully completed all of our DMV tasks. I began preparing for dinner and asked Yun to feed Loki, but Loki was not at all interested in dinner. ?!? This is strange. He's always interested in dinner, why not tonight?

This is why:

Since his stupid humans didn't put the bag of food away, Loki chewed a hole through it while we went to the DMV. Who knows how much food he ate?

I hope he didn't eat so much that he'll throw up later.


Bonnie said...

LOL!! California Natural is good stuff!

Briana said...

hahah what a delicate eater he is! My loki would have had it all over the house! XD

The Shiba said...

Hey! That is what my people feed me too!

Chibi And Sumo said...

how's he like that flavor? we've been using the lamb (to great success)...chibi/sumo didnt like the chicken much

Vi said...

We are currently on Herring. Loki likes it enough to gobble it up every day.

He's not too picky of an eater.

We're planning on switching the flavors each time the bag runs out.

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

hehehe...he knows how to fix up his own dinner :P

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