A Pet Sitter

There have been big changes in Loki's life lately. Not only have we moved across country, but now his mommy is working full-time. As a graduate student, Loki and I were constant companions. But now poor Loki boki is left all alone for the entire day.

We hired Kathy, a pet sitter, to take him out on a potty break during the middle of the day. Her advertisement was part of our welcome packet at our apartment complex. She lives very close by, like across the street. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about her. She didn't seem to have the take-charge-assertive type personality that a shiba requires, but I guess neither do I. She came by for two visits to meet Loki before she actually had to start without us. Luckily, Loki liked her a lot. Perhaps that had something to do with all the treats she brought him when she visited. Treats are the way to Loki's heart.


Anonymous said...

I have been looking at your blog an I think it is really good!I live in Australia and I have a shiba inu too called Renji. Renji is so cute when he wants to go on a walk, he wants to go without a leash!
Good luck with Loki!

The Shiba said...

You understatement yourself, padwan.

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