Shiba Meet Up

We went for our very first Shiba Inu Meet up this afternoon at Shirlington Dog Park. The forecast said rain, but we decided to head out anyways. We had a bit of trouble finding parking. It was our first time to that park. It's a bit of an odd park; it's all along a river bank. We're not used to that in California.

We met three other Shibas there in the small dog region. Not as many as I hoped, but it was raining a little bit today.

Who's that? A dog more standoff-ish than Loki.

Loki made it all down the rocks himself. Very cautious the first time. But after that, he was bouncing up and down real fast.

What's in the water?

The shiba with the red harness, named Noble, was the most dominant one among the bunch. He was still entact & was a very in-your-face dog. Loki & Noble made good friends, and enjoyed a good game of chase.

Loki peed on everything.
Water vs. Ball... what will win?

Dislike of water beats prey drive.
As for the dog park itself, I'm not sure that I'm a fan. Parking is difficult. And while there are plenty of poop bags, there aren't enough trash cans to dispose of the poop. The trash cans are only by the entrances. I'm sure that the dogs love the river, but I'm not sure I want a wet or dirty dog in my car. The best thing about this dog park is that it's pretty large.

We'll have to try out some other dog parks in the area.

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